Sunday, April 19

Sunday, April 19

Today’s recording, provided by Terre Hill Bible Fellowship church, consists of a 10 minute story time for children, the song “Ten Thousand Reasons” and lastly, the message from Pastor Kevin.

The lyrics for today’s song can be found in a slide set below this video.

(Advance slides below by clicking the slide)

To close today’s service, worship through hearing or sing loudly the declaration,
In Christ Alone.

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The song, In Christ Alone, is featured here as an A cappella rendition.

Alternately, for a livelier version and a touch of Scotland, enjoy this rendition of In Christ Alone .

Parents! need some help with your kids?
Check out the new CEF resource page.

There are links for CEF resources for children. ‘Wonder Surf’ is the online magazine. ‘Wonder Why’ addresses the question ‘why is there so much sadness in this world?’ Good News radio just became available this week. If families click on the link they can listen to the 1st lesson and sign up to receive a new story every week. Check out the New ministry tools from CEF.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, April 19

  1. The very name pandemic is fear producing and doesn’t promote healing. Why do doctors of all people make the patient fearful. Aren’t there some who are getting well. Why them? Stronger constitutions? Where does strength come from then?

    1. Thanks Mary, you are so right that fear brings no good. You have said it perfectly, “Where does strength come from then?” . Praise be to The Lord God who’s perfect love casts out fear. Thanks for being a part of the virtual Terre Hill Bible Fellowship church.

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